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Backup as a Service – Easy, safe and always available backup

Always remember – never forget …

Countless studies show that backup is one of the big problems for small and medium-sized businesses. Most have some kind of backup running, but alarmingly many do not check whether the backup can actually be used in the event of a breakdown or worse data loss. A backup is not just copying data from one drive to another. Databases and mail servers, for example, require special backups.
Easy, safe and always available backup At SAC-IT we know how to do it. And we monitor that your backup runs smoothly – 24 hours a day. You always know that your data is in safe hands, regardless of whether the thief is stuck with your equipment, the server room is flooded or the building is flaming. All your data is stored safely in our Datacenter. Does it sound easy? Yes it is!

Why choose Backup as a Service from SAC-IT?

  • The solution is cheaper in operation than traditional backup solutions
  • Never mind remembering to back up
  • All backup data is stored in a secure data center in encrypted form
  • No expensive licenses for advanced backup programs
  • No fixed cost for replacing backup tape
  • Your internet line is being utilized optimally!
  • Backup runs at night while you sleep safely
  • Your data is 100% secure against fire, theft and server breakdowns

Experience it yourself before you decide… free trial!
We know that the power of example is more convincing than the word of the world, so why not try it for free for a while and experience all the benefits on its own?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants at (407) 203-7424 – or


  • Lightning fast, cloud-based backup

  • Setup, operation, restore – everything is included

  • Our competent support center is open 24/7

  • Highest certifications in data security

  • Consumption is settled on front-end data

Get freedom for business development

With instant backup you get automated backup via the cloud to a highly certified data center. We help with setup, support around the clock and quick restore if something goes wrong.
You only need to choose how long you will be able to recover data:

GOLD = 3 years

SILVER = 1 year

BRONZE = 3 Months

Note: You can easily prioritize your servers and “mix the cards” so you get different recovery times on different types of data.

We settle on your front-end data

You pay for the data volume you backup. And we calculate it based on your front-end data, which in the long run will typically be a lot cheaper for you than if it was based on back-end data.

Backup is faster than ever

• 88 % of all backups are completed in less than 15 minutes
• 97 % of all backups are completed in less than 1 hour