Project Description

The digital workspace…

The digital workspace is not quite easy to translate into Danish. It is the term for a collection of mobile technologies that allow company employees to access the company’s applications from anywhere and anytime. Security across equipment is often a challenge in the IT departments, but modern employees expect applications to work across equipment.

We can pack and deliver your employees’ applications so that they are safe and manageable no matter what equipment they are to use from: smartphones, tablets or PCs. It’s called “streamed” applications because they are sent or streamed from a central server to your users. We use VMware Workspace ONE, a digital platform that connects secure access control, application management and client equipment through VMware AirWatch Technology.

With us you can get what you want it: We make it as a cloud service, in our Danish data centers or as an on-premise cloud solution in your data center. Whatever – we can help you establish your streamed applications for your modern employees.

Total Client Management

Simplified management of applications for all equipment: mobile devices, PCs (Windows 10 or MacOS), embedded devices and others. Save money while improving your security by managing the real-time, over-the-air management across all use cases (including BYOD).


Get an overview of the use of applications and the possibility of automation that improves user experience and enhances security and compliance across your infrastructure.

Simplified Access Control

Boost your users’ efficiency with secure password-free single sign-on (SSO) for Windows, cloud, web apps or your own home-built applications. And regardless of the equipment: smartphones, tablets or laptops – then your applications are available from the same simplified application directory.


Deliver security across your changing digital workspace with opportunities to protect, detect, and eliminate modern security threats.

Cost Effective Administration

Create significant reductions in IT time and costs with modern, and total PC lifecycle management (PCLM) from the cloud.

Lower Costs for Virtual Desktops and Applications

Transform your VDIs with VMware Horizon, achieving simplicity, flexibility, speed and scalability – all at a lower cost.

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Effective Administration of Navision Stat

”We have achieved a significant reduction in the costs of implementing and managing Navision Stat”
– Peter Stenfors, CEO, MDC Nordic