Project Description

Server Hosting – Fast, cloud-based server 24/7

Instead of hosting your own physical machine in the company, you can choose to outsource your server in a top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art hardware with top quality hardware.

Forget about expensive licenses and server operating issues

IT systems are today a key element of business in any business, and the demands for stability and security are constantly growing. Unfortunately, the IT budget does the same. But you can choose to keep your costs down by letting SAC-IT ensure you and your business a stable operation. So you don’t have to concentrate on areas outside your own core competences – it saves you time and contributes directly to your bottom line.

Seamless IT Economy

Never again think about updates, licenses, uptime, server hardware replacement, hardware replacement by crash, water damage, theft or fire … We do it all for you! Let SAC-IT host your cloud servers – then you always know what to budget for your server operation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants at (407) 203-7424 – or

Why choose Server Hosting from SAC-IT?

  • Ransom Protection

  • The solution is significantly cheaper in operation than traditional physical server solutions

  • 100% secure and encrypted data in SAC-IT’s data / operations center

  • 24-hour monitoring of services / data, security staff, 3-levels of firewalls, locked rack cabinets, cooling

  • High bandwidth (gigabit network with high redundancy). SAC-IT’s internet access point is the first hop on DIX (Danish internet hub)

  • Your data is 100% secure against fire, theft and server breakdowns

  • Scalable solution: can be upgraded and downgraded as needed

  • You pay ONLY for the services / IT resources you really need