Project Description

Accessibility + Intelligent Mobile IT Solutions = Virtual Desktop

Why? Because of Virtual Desktop (cloud desktop)

Bursts all common IT frames and becomes 100% mobile and platform independent.

We are all dependent on our data today – and especially via mobile devices! But often these solutions are demanding, expensive and cumbersome to work with. SAC-IT has redesigned with Virtual Desktop!

Virtual Desktop is a new and intelligent way of working. Your desk is ‘in the cloud’ well protected from all kinds of Internet threats – and you should never ever think of computer problems, updates, maintenance and anything else. For the last time you have forgotten important files / data / mails when you stand and need them – at an airport, at the hotel or with an important customer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants at (407) 203-7424 – or

What do you get with Virtual Desktop from SAC-IT?

  • Your own ‘normal’ user interface / desktop – no matter where you log in

  • Access all your folders and documents

  • Access to all your applications and apps

  • Access to mail system

  • Access from all computers or mobile devices (iPad / iPhone / Android smartphones / tablets) worldwide

  • Full mobility, high security and no IT / data concerns

How to get started …

You call or mail and say ‘yes thanks’, and we will email you a confirmation! Within a short time, you and your desk float on a mobile, secure and accessible cloud.