Easy, automatic, secure backup...24/7.

Data backup is a major problem for small and medium-sized companies.  Mosts companies have some sort of backup, but most have no idea whether their backup will work in the event of a system crash.  And backup is more complicated that just copying files from one drive to another.  Databases and mail servers require backup, too.

At SAC-IT, we know how to handle all your backup needs.  We make it easy, automatic, and secure, so you'll always know that your data is safe whether a thief runs off with a PC, your server room gets flooded, or your building experiences an act of nature. 

 Why choose InstantBackup from SAC-IT?

• It's cheaper than traditional backup solutions.
• You never again have to remember to backup your data.
• All your backup data is stored in a high-security data center and encrypted for for security.
• No expensive licenses for advanced backup applications.
• No fixed costs to replace backup tapes.
• The backup happens automatically with disruption in your day-to-day operations.
• Your data is 100% safe against fire, theft and server crashes.

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