Build your BRAND with the “PLAT4M” series of Marketing Applications

Strong Brands are Created through ENGAGEMENT

Whatever the size of your business, our Mobile Applications can help you Stay ENGAGED with Your TRIBE

Great for sole proprietors

  • Barbers & Hairstylists
  • Mechanics
  • Pool services
  • Landscapers

Great for remote teams

  • Realtors
  • Physicians
  • Professional services
  • Sports and Fitness clubs

Great for traditional sales

  • Retailers
  • Sales Reps
  • Restaurants
  • Service providers

Our app designs are functionally elegant making Engagement with your Tribe simple!

Own your own branded mobile application that allows you to create valuable content and engage with your following.

  • Social media style user interface
  • Admin controlled push notifications
  • Get immediate feedback to your users’ interests
  • Communicate directly with your users via in-app communication
  • Content is shareable via users’ traditional social media channels

In-app content creation allows for true on the fly engagement.

  • Unlimited posting
  • Utilize phone camera or create and load graphic designs
  • Receive immediate notifications when your users are reviewing your content
  • Set categories for your posts to reduce user post fatigue
  • Set expiration dates to create urgency for posts and automatic removal when expired
  • Call out pricing when relevant to a post’s content

Turn your posts into a campaign machines. Now you will know what your users are interested in, when they are interested and you can directly communicate at that time for superior engagement.

  • Button activated click-outs for online integration to your other business assets
  • You define the button’s web function for limitless integration
  • User activity on the button immediately notifies admin
  • Direct communication to the users is available to the admin based on the button interactions to streamline engagement

All these features are available in your app, published for your business in the app stores for as little as $200 per month! No setup Fees!